Writing Your first blog post

Are you refreshed and ready to go from your holiday? I’m not sure if this guy is:


Now that you have had an opportunity to try some of the key features and personalize your blog site, it is time to dive into writing an introductory post! The more you write and try out the features of WP, the more you will learn about WordPress and becoming an effective blogger! This is not plain old boring paragraph style essay writing. Yee-haw!

Give it a try. You don’t have to publish right away, just save your edits and then publish when you’re ready.

In your first blog post I want you to cover a few simple things:

  • Who are you? You don’t need to get too personal here- remember everyone can see your blog!
  • What ways to you learn best- from your past experiences in and out of school? (i.e. do you like watching someone show you?)
  • What was it about that experience that helped you learn or made learning meaningful to you?
  • What is your take on using digital open education and digital networking?

Use these questions to guide your blog post. Be creative in your answers. Use sentences or bullets or both! Add photos, hyperlinks, videos etc. to make your blog fun and visual. But remember, these things should be related to the bullets above. So don’t put a random photo, video or hyperlink, put stuff related to introducing yourself, your interests, stuff you find about how you like to learn best, or ideas about what digital education is. Maybe you find a cool video of another teenager explaining how they learn??

Find photos, videos, links to articles to help you answer these questions and practice your WordPress technical skills. We will talk about crediting the sources you borrow from. We will talk later about how to sift for good information & how to credit ideas. Now, just blog!

And most importantly use your learning partner, classmates, and me to discover new ideas, troubleshoot technical glitches, and to begin your networked learning experience! If you forget how to do something- Google it and you find lots of videos and tips for WordPress!

Technical reminder- you’re writing a POST, not a PAGE right now. You will categorize your post later. You can save your first blog post, but do NOT publish it yet! I will show you how to create categories next time.

Delete your practice post from last class if you want or keep it for your second post. After this first blog, I will give you feedback/ comments and then you can create  a second blog post on whatever topic you want!! Football, photography, cars, Snapchat, swimming, music, etc.

Some motivation for you….if a 7 Year old can do this, you can blog post and eventually create your own learning videos for your blog!


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