I forget how to add a hyperlink & other things!

The more you practice blogging, the less you will forget.  But if you do forget try this ideas:

  1. Ask your learning partner can help
  2. Search for help on Google i.e. “How to add a hyperlink in WordPress post” will give you videos & tips to do this.
  3. Ask Mr. Bromm
  4. Watch this 4 min video on the basics

Add a profile picture/ gravatar to your WordPress:

  1. To do this you will login to Gravatar with your WordPress credentials (usename & password)
  2. In left menu- go to users – my profile- then click white button at bottom of page that says “add photo through gravatar”
  3. Follow the steps to upload a photo
  4. Use a real photo of yourself to create a positive digital footprint. If you or your parents are not comfortable with your photo online, do not add a profile picture/ gravatar

By the end of next class:

  • I will start commenting on your first blog
    • you may already have started commenting on your classmates- so start doing this if you have not- build your networking community!
  • show you how to categorize your posts & add categories to your menu
    • create a category for PAA content
    • create a category for personal content
    • be sure to always categorize your posts before you publish
  • link other blogs you want to follow
    • follow blogs by using “blogs I follow option” or adding links
    • links is a way to add a blog or any website you want linked to your account
    • go to a blog post directly to: “like” it, comment, or follow the
  • for homework finish your first blog post.

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