READING comments helps you COMMENT

Last week we took time to read other student blogs from Edublogs. This week we are going to continue blogging, but I want you to spend at least half of your class time reading your classmates or the other grade 8 classes posts and commenting. But, don’t forget, you want your comments to help their learning and yours. Remember this is networked learning!

So before you start reading and commenting, consider these points and watch this video:

Model commenting

  • Read comments (…lots of comments) to learn to distinguish between poor, mediocre and quality comments.
  • Model commenting to your students by leaving QUALITY comments on their blogs
  • Avoid comments, such as “Great job”, “Way to go”, or “I really liked what you wrote”…
  • Commenting is about continuing a conversation started in a blog post.
  • Commenting is about helping to (potentially) push the author of the post in a new direction, give a new perspective or connect them to new resources.
  • Commenting is about relating the thoughts, ideas, experiences or resources of the blog author to your own. Sharing them will paint a better picture of the issue, perspectives, or research.
  • Ask yourself if your comment CONTRIBUTED to the conversation, the learning of the author or other readers?
  • 21st century skills include critical thinking, problem solving and QUESTIONING. The comment section of a blog is a great place to practices these skills in an authentic environment.
4th Graders Tips
4th Graders Tips from LangWitches

Happy reading and commenting!


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