Our Project- Outline & Directions

Grade 8 PAA Digital Learning Project

The purpose of this project is to have students engage in a learning project that will:

  • Create authentic learning of PAA content
  • Provide experiential learning
  • Encourage development of a learning network (classmates & online- open education)
  • Teach students the importance of effective use of online technology and social media
  • Prepare students for future learning opportunities as 21st Century Learners
  • Develop technological and social media literacy- we are all learning together
  • provide a safe environment to network as a class and with other networks we connect to

Project Steps:

  • Introduction to digital learning and the 21st Century Learner:
    • Class survey/ discussion- what digital technology & social media do you use, how do you use it, how you sift good and bad information, what is open education, etc.
    • Videos:
      • How students are using tech in their lives today



      • Student perspective- what needs to change in school


      • OER- Changing HOW & WHO learns



    • Digital footprint- Google yourself.
      • What do you find? What words did you use to search?
      • What does this tell us? How do we take control of our digital footprint?
      • Impact of what you post- a negative example:


    • communicate with parents about our work- understanding and permission from parents and school division
      • email & permission form
  • Overview of what we want to learn:
    • What topics we will learn about?

PAA Content:

  1. Motor Mechanics/ Small Engine Safety
  2. Why do we need engines? What did this invention do for us?
  3. Kinds/ types of engines & how they work? (steam, 4 stroke, 2 stroke, other…)
  4. Basic Tools
  5. Taking care of or servicing small engines- what do you do before starting, when storing for long periods of time, etc.
  6. Start-up Procedures
  7. Other…?

What digital tools will we use?

      • Discover together…and we will add to this list
      • Resources at our fingertips- search engines to find websites & open education resources- OER, YouTube, Symbaloo, WordPress
      • ?
      • ?
    • How will we share our learning with the class?
      • YouTube videos and WordPress blog posts
      • What will we share about our learning?
        • PAA content & what you learned about open education and using digital technology and social media
        • How you learned

Getting Started on your PAA Digital Learning Project:

  1. Parent Release Form – completed & returned to school
  2. Choose learning partner- what makes a good learning partner?
  3. Set up your own personal Symbaloo for organizing your PLE (personal learning environment)
    • link to your email- don’t forget your password
    • customize widgets/ bookmarks- social media, search tools, websites, other tools like calendar or calculator, blogs you want to follow, Google docs, etc.
    • create separate tabs if you want
    • add symbaloo to your favourites (bookmark tool within your bookmarks :))
    • customize your bookmarks- text, colour etc.
  1. Set up your PAA 8 student blog accounts
  • Student blog info and videos:


  • What should your web address/name be? __?__.wordpress.com
  • username and password?
  • create spreadsheet of addresses/ usernames/ passwords for Mr. Bromm
  • link student blogs to class blog: https://paa8learningproject.wordpress.com
  • add PAA8 blog to your student Symbaloo- so you can follow each others’ work/ posts!!
  • link student blogs to Mr. Bromm’s Symbaloo
  1. Start exploring the features of your blog space- header image & title, themes, about me page, widgets, how to categorize posts, etc.
  1. Creating an introductory blog- who you are & what you hope to learn using digital technology and networked learning
  1. Use digital sources to learn- the role of the teacher & student
  2. Searching for educational materials for PAA
  3. Sift through content- what is good information? How to find good info?
  4. Networking with PAA experts in the digital world
  5. Posting about our learning in your blog- research, videos, pictures, etc.
  6. YouTube as a teaching/ learning tool
  7. Setting up YouTube & creating a trial video
  8. Creating your PAA videos
  9. ….this will grow as we work…

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