Let’s Get Going!

Welcome to our  PAA8 Blog, 8-9 & 8-19:

We have spent a couple of classes learning about open education, digital communication, networked learning, and what that all means as a 21 Century learner.

Now that we have created you own PLE (personal learning environment) with Symbaloo and created a class blog to house our project directions and share our learning story, we will take a bit of time to explore the technical parts of WordPress (WP) before we write your first blog.

What to do first:

  1. Create your blog domain/ address if you missed last class- see Mr. Bromm
    1. choose a domain name that is appropriate i.e. nathanbromm  – my wordpress address would then be nathanbromm.wordpress.com
    2. choose a username- keep it the same as domain to be simple i.e. nathanbromm
    3. choose a password
    4. add your email address that you use most often (school or personal)
    5. record your WP domain, username & password on Mr. Bromm’s spreadsheet
    6. choose penscratch theme for your blog- you can change it later- sometimes you have to pick this before you do your domain name
    7. create and verify your WordPress account by going to your email inbox. You must make sure you spell your email address correctly and know your email password. IF you don’t, this will cause issues when you try to activate your WP account.

2. Add YOUR blog and the class blog below to your Symbaloo bookmarks/tiles


3. Click on your name on this blog- right side and see if the link works!

4. TYPE wp-admin to the end of your WordPress URL when you need to edit!

5. Mini lesson on headers titles, header photo, themes, categories, pages, posts, links & widgets, pictures, hyperlinks, following other blogs, etc.

6. Profile picture using gravatar- optional. If you’re comfortable with a picture of you on your blog this is a great way to create a profile photo that can be used with any of your online work. Remember, create a positive digital footprint for yourself!

7. WordPress exploration- play around and customize your blog. Do not forget to add “wp-admin” to the URL to be in the editing mode. Have fun!