The first step to becoming a successful blogger is reading other blogs. Blogging is not the same as texting or Snapchatting your friends. Although blogging is more visual and can be informal, your writing style should be similar to how you would write a reflection,  short story or persuasive essay for your ELA teacher.

A blog is NOT goofy and does not use the same language, lingo, or short-hand that you would use in other more closed social media or face to face with friends and peers. It is more academic because blogs are open to all on the internet and will be a permanent part of your digital footprint. Did you know blogs and other social media are quickly becoming the new job application and resume!





Know the difference between academic and social commenting- samples of good and not so good posts and comments

Plus, you want to build a community and get individuals across the globe to be part of your learning network. Writing in the simple chat/ social media form you would with close friends will not mean anything to those that are outside your circle of friends or peers, which means they are unlikely to comment on your blog or share information with you that could help your writing or learning.

So…how to we write better? Let’s look at some award-winning student blogs and compare this to the rubric:

2015 Edublog Winners

Now, what are your going to do with YOUR blog to build YOUR digital identity?

Digital Citizenship poster

You have this rubric already in your duo tang. Don’t forget we added inviting responses (by asking questions or challenging ideas)to your posts and commenting on others posts to the COMMUNITY category of the rubric

Here is a hyperlink of the rubric that is easier to read.



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